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Health & Safety

B&C Contractors have acted as PSCS on numerous construction projects. B&C Contractors Safety Officer and each site manager/foreman hold at a minimum ‘Managing Safely in Construction’ certificate, complimented by First Aiders and Safety Representative on each site.

Our Safety Management System is designed to allow managers to identify best practices in matters of Health & Safety within B&C Contractors and to compare the operating performance of the Safety Management System on the various sites in an ongoing manner.

We take all reasonable steps to secure and maintain the Health Safety and Welfare of all employees, contractors, clients and members of the public, who may be affected by our activities. As a management team our objective is to maximise the wellbeing of each employee and their potential to contribute to the development of the company and ensure compliance with Legislation, Approved Codes of Practice and Guidelines relevant to our operations.

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Health & Safety Compliance

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