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Coill Dubh

Construction of 74 Houses in Malahide    (2014 / 2015)
Contract Details:

Client: Bovale Developments / NAMA
Site: Portmarnock Road, Malahide, Co Dublin
Value: €12 million
Architect: McCrossan O’Rouke Manning
Engineer: Pat O’Gorman & Associates
Services Engineer: Environmental Design Partnership
Form of Contract: R.I.A.I


General Description

The site involved the construction of 74 houses ranging from 3 bed semi detached to 5 bedroom detached. The construction for the houses is quite traditional with strip foundations, load bearing blockwork, cavity wall construction, truss roofs and webjoist first floor. Finishes include brickwork coloured render, double glazed windows all to A3 rating.

The significant difference with these houses from previous housing sites that B & C would have constructed is the new BCAR Building Regulations 2014. From the outset B & C had to work closely with the Design Team to ensure the works and all details are fully compliant with best practice and compliant with the new Building Regulations. This is achieved by agreeing all details at an early stage with the Design Team going through all junctions etc on every element of each house. Supervision from the Design Team is ongoing and the site management liaise daily with Design Team so that they can make the required inspections etc. The site management prepare a weekly photographic record of all items constructed and forward to the design team at the end of each week. Ongoing roll out of the new building regulations mean this development at Baldoyle will be commenced after June 15 and under Part E sound will require specific detailing and sound test to be carried out to achieve full compliance.


Management & Quality Control on Site

  • B & C have a long established record in achieving quality control on site and operates ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

  • However, both Directors’ ethos on how to achieve good quality finishes is a good experienced Engineer, Foremen and Sub-Contractors that B & C have successfully used for over 40 years.

  • Brickwork rendering, roofing etc are continuously monitored by B & C Management as the work progresses and if it is not within tolerance it will not be accepted and must be redone. To achieve Grade A rating heat recovery and airtightness are new elements that again are monitored as they are installed and tested upon completion.

  • Mechanical and Electrical contractors are only used that B & C Contractors have a relationship with and have used successfully in the past. A services foreman is responsible for all services. All first fixing is inspected and signed off by the contractor and B & C foreman prior to plasterboarding or closing up. All air pressure tests again are signed off by the contractor and B & C foreman.